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Dear Friend, Thank you for visiting our website. As someone that has devoted his life to providing hope for others, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this website and provide any of our materials that can contribute to that cause. My wish for you is that you truly can accomplish those DREAMS that you hold dear. IT IS POSSIBLE! Join me in being a “difference maker” in people’s lives and not only will those you help, benefit tremendously… YOU will benefit the most! Randy Jeffers

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No matter what your past has been, your future is spotless.


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Randy Jeffers is the President Liberty FREEdom Network that provides people with an opportunity to take charge of their lives, reach their full potential and liberate them from debt. He believes that with the right opportunity, anyone can become successful and accomplish their dreams.


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Randy Jeffers dreams of creating a company that will liberate hundreds of thousands of people from debt… a company that will bond and unify people as they pursue their livelihood. His vision is to provide hard-working people with an opportunity to take charge of their lives and reach their full potential.



Randy and DeAr Jeffers are excited about seeing how God will use them to meet the needs of homeless children, throughout the world. The need is great but Randy and DeAr believe that if all of us work together, the synergy that develops can accomplish great things. Together, we truly can “Make a Difference” in the lives of these children.

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